Robots in the making! #district23rising 
Fractions in the making #ps298risingtoth
Rovers! Scholars from the Robotics Club
Adding together in kindergarten @distric
PS 298 just wrapped up Computer Science
Students of 301 using maps to identify t
Our 3rd grade scholars sharing their Goo
Shout out to our Social Worker Ms
Students of class 3K-125 during our Paja
Happy Pajama Day! K-106 had some Spiderm
Celebrating our families ❤ Happy Holiday
Nov. 5th Election Day
Look at our scholars #mentorship #d23ris

Welcome to the P.S. 298 DR. BETTY SHABAZZ

P.S. 298, a pre-K through 5th grade school is a place where our learning community works together to provide students with meaningful experiences through rigorous, inquiry based instruction.

Our Values

Our school is a place where students, faculty, staff and parents work together to provide students with experiences and education that will make them masterful decision makers and problem solvers. In addition, we will use our knowledge to work with other people to make a better world where children will be future leaders. Our school uses a Behavior Value system, which includes the following components:


Students work cooperatively in the class, are engaged in shared decision making, peer mediation, and conflict resolution.


Students demonstrate sense of worth for the school culture and environment, and participate in school sponsored activities.


Respect is demonstrated through their use of language, behavior, and how they treat other. All students are given passports and receive a Citizenship, Pride, Respect (CPR) stamp indicating they have met the goals noted above.

Upcoming Events